Scarab Australia

Sustainable Sewage Solutions

Why scarab Australia?

Scarab Australia is the most advanced, yet simple system, yet seen in Australia.  Already been tested in both rural and peri-urban areas through out Africa, since 2001, its found to be rugged, reliable, and simple to maintain and operate. And trouble free.

For mines, schools, clinics, Eco Estates, camping sites, game lodges, housing estates - We can supply them all.

In discussing the operation of the system it is important to note that in some cases we will utilize existing pre-digestion facilities and in others we will supply pre-digestion facilities as previously discussed.

The Scarab Treatment System consists of three major components...

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scarab is green & unique

Scarab is the only system that can achieve compliance (general standards) within seven working days.

Our system sweeps from the bottom of the tanks, thereby keeping the sludge from settling. It requires no shut down to service and repair aeration equipment . It requires no clarifier, and yet still achieves compliance...

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About Scarab australia

Scarab Australia- the internationally recognized leaders in the Waste Water Treatment Industry. With Waste water treatment plants installed in mining camps, holiday resorts, tourist camps as far away as Mozambique, Zambia, DRC, Namibia, Kenya, Lesotho and Botswana. Winners of the coveted tt100 technology awards, the Scarab Systems has proved itself to bring you sewage treatment that works, easily achieving the specifications required by the EPA, Envirozone, and NPA. 

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