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We are back !!

After careful consideration, and the numerous requests for our system, we are back in Australia. The Scarab design was so successful that existing clients, and potential customers, have offered us their willingness to support our return. And so, we have formed a new company, Scarab International Pty Ltd, and will be trading, initially, from the Brisbane area. Once we have become settled, our expansion plans include WA, and the general Australasia region. 

If you have any comments, complaints or compliments, we would love to hear from you.

Kind regards,

Steve Nicol

Director and founder of the Scarab brand


Scarab wins Award !!

 Frost & Sullivan has awarded Scarab for its Technology Leadership - (Sub Saharan Africa).

 Details coming soon !!

Frost & Sullivan Awrds




About Scarab Australia

Scarab Australia - the internationally recognized leaders in the Waste Water Treatment Industry.

With Waste water treatment plants installed in mining camps as far away as the DRC and Botswana.

Winners of the coveted tt100 technology awards, the Scarab Systems has proved itself to bring you sewage treatment that works, easily achieving the specifications required by the EPA.

The systems are extremely reliable and do not need to be tended to on a daily basis, even the disinfection is carried out with OZONE limiting the need for human contact, great for both the environment and the safety aspect.

Scarab Australia caters specifically to the mining and CSG camps industry and will size the plant to your needs.

Tired of non performing high maintenance waste water plants?

Tired of carting your waste water away even though you’ve paid for a system?

Make your next purchase a Scarab™ Treatment System.