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SCARAB - Water Treatment Plants

The internationally recognized, award winning leaders
in the domestic wastewater
treatment industry.

Scarab Sewage Systems

Originally based only in South Africa, now also Australia, Scarab Water designs and installs package plants / domestic sewage treatment systems. The brand that offered innovative wastewater solutions, was first marketed in mid 2001, and a major investment & research program was initiated, resulting, finally, in the first package plant prototype.
The new design was installed in mid 2002, and proved to be very effective and reliable. It is still operational to this day.
Steve Nicol - our CEO,  was interviewed for the Da-Vinci Top Technology 100 awards program in 2004, and featured in the SABC Business Update.  TT100 selects only 100 South African companies each year, and our sewage systems have achieved this no less than five times.

Why our sewage treatment systems?

Scarab's package plants are the most advanced, yet simple system, on the market. Many years of research and development resulted in a viable product, a prototype, almost unchanged from what you will find today.  Already been tested in both rural and peri-urban areas throughout Africa, and Australia, since 2001, it's found to be rugged, reliable, simple to maintain and operate, and trouble free.

We have selected the very best materials, used the top manufacturing processes, and applied the right technology, resulting in a product that outperforms any other system currently available.

Having received international recognition for our achievements, our
legendary product has received awards and endorsements, sufficiently to place the Scarab brand at the very top of their field of water treatment solutions.

We supply sewage treatment systems to mines, schools, clinics, eco-estates, camping sites, game lodges and housing estates. Clients include DeBeers, Concor, Water Africa, First Quantum Minerals.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Scarab Sewage Package Plants suitable safe disposal of domestic wastewater

Sewerage systems

Scarab domestic sewage treatment systems in South Africa


  • Made from only the best materials - No compromise!
  • Reliable and Efficient operation
  • Easily maintained by the owner / operator
  • Serviced / maintained without shutting down.
  • Unique design allows heavy sludge self cleaning
  • Aeration 3 times more efficient than any other system
  • Quick to install
  • Disinfection either Ozone or Chlorine
  • Modular - Upgrade, downgrade and relocate, like Lego.
  • Top quality workmanship.
  • Quiet operation
  • Chemical Free biological process*.
*Ozone disinfection


  • Recycle your wastewater
  • Reduce 'fresh' water consumption and save
  • No moving parts inside the system
  • Wearing parts can be found at most well stocked DIY
  • Great for gardens, lawns, washing cars, water features
  • Stop polluting boreholes and the ground water
  • Increase the water table, particularly in dry season
  • No regular Honey-sucker visits
  • Healthier septic tanks
  • Treated water is crystal clear & odourless
  • Eco-friendly
  • Will increase the value of your property
  • Municipal services no longer required for developments

Our Promise

The integrity of the people behind the Scarab brand,
reflects the care taken with each system,

not only in the unsurpassed quality of materials,
attention to detail of the design,

manufacture and installation, but that the same attention is given to the quality of the final effluent.

To our many satisfied clients,
this ultimate test offers peace of mind,

and proudly acknowledges that they have accepted the best environmental solution available.

Sewage Treatment Systems that Care

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Contact Details

Scarab South Africa

Steve Nicol - Sales
Mobile - +27 82 441 9549
Email -
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Scarab International (Australia)
Shaun Winson - Sales & Admin Director
Mobile - 0402 016 366 - Qld, Australia
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