Our International Impact

In our early days, Scarab was thrust into an industry that was brand new, and finding solutions and recognition was difficult - and very few people were aware of the concept of package plants.

Furthermore, treating domestic wastewater, at home, was not a warm, cuddly subject.  

Sewage treatment and disposal methods would always find resistance in the minds of the general public, and in particular those who would judge concepts and products based on the stink factor. It would normally take a slick salesman to interest the judges in choosing a sewage system for an award.  However, we instead offered our passion, integrity and commitment to our design. This was genuinely accepted by those who saw in us what we saw in the product. 

And so, this is a thankyou to those strangers who gave us the courage to continue, cheering us on, accepting crazy ideas and strange concepts, and the pioneers behind them. Our proud history of achievements.

Africa Leadership Award

We achieve another world class accolade !

Our package plants have again been honoured, this time by being selected in Africa's leadership Awards. Whilst this acknowledgement is an endorsement to our many years of hard work, unwavering passion, and uncompromising integrity,  the real winner is the environment, and our thanks to the judges of this worthy event, who recognize this.

Scarab's Best Sewage Package Plants

Water leadership Awards

Scarab Water - Africa Leadership Awards 2015