Package plant clarifiers not required

Clarifying Clarifiers

Clarifying clarifiers - To be absolutely clear on this  . . . .

We don't use clarifiers on our systems. We don't even specify them in our proposals.  Only one Scarab sewage system (see below) required one, and that's because the client insisted.  And the client is always right. Right?

We explain clarifiers to our clients as being the funnel shaped vessel at the end of the plant, just before the disinfection. Its purpose is to allow any solid matter to settle out of the treated water and these collected solids will then be sent back to the start of the process, or discarded. Typical municipal type activated sludge process, will use this equipment extensively, and it's quite appropriate. And necessary.

I know of no other submerged fixed-film biological package plant, that does not come without this equipment. We also know that there are a few suppliers who include these clarifiers, to hide the fact that water quality is so poor, the semi-treated sewage is "cleared" -  giving the impression that all is well.  Not only are these items costly, but they require added maintenance. Failing which, sludge (sewage solid matter) will start to float to the surface when gasses form underneath, creating a floating hard crust. Not nice! Its bad enough when its dry, but when it rains and the sludge gets damp, the odour is quite putrid.  And then come the flies and mosquitoes. 

So, why don't we use clarifiers? Well, we don't need to. Our water quality comes out pretty darn good.

So, why don't we need clarifiers?  I wont say. However, I will suggest that one day all the successful sewage systems will be based on the Scarab technology. Its inevitable. (I said the same thing way back in 2003 - TT100 Interview) and we have noted many systems are now beginning to convert to our design.

So, are we worried about the 'copy cats' out there?  Not at all. The environment gets treated better.